ON AUGUST 13, 1993 AT 1:45 PM


“I am Saint John The Baptist.  The importance of this Beautiful Act (Baptism) that has been given to mankind is in many ways being lost to indifference, to a lack of understanding of why it should be an important part of a child’s beginning, or even in later years, because this Sacrament is directly connected to, associated with the individual’s Soul, thus giving a strength to fight for what is pure, and a strength to correct evil advances, situations and/or presence.

In the Act of Baptism, in the very beginning it was important, else why would The Son of The Father have allowed it to be done to Him?  He was Example of all that was Good, all that was Right, all that was Pure, all that was Necessary, all that would give man the Direction to lead a more pure life.

It is so necessary for This Miracle of Divine Love to be spread throughout the world, to be passed verbally also, in every way conceivable, so that in some form, some manner, some degree, children of all ages, all colors, all creeds, will benefit by This Time in History.

This Time is so important because it is similar to the Time in which Moses walked the earth, and in the Time when The Son of God walked the earth.  The Father chose this Time, this Manner, this Means, this Way, for mankind to be awakened to The Father’s Will, The Father’s Love, and the necessity for mankind to understand regarding that Precious Gift of Divine Love, the Soul.

Satan walks throughout the earth.  There is no place that is not available to him, so no place can be unavailable to This Miracle of Divine Love.  So be it.”

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