ON AUGUST 13, 1993 AT 3:43 PM


“I am Saint Agatha.  You have not heard from Me often.  Many times when I spoke I did not mention or call attention to My Name.  This Miracle is a Special Blessing, a Blessing difficult for mankind to understand, because It is an Unusual Event The Father has allowed, letting so Many from Here speak with Direction for the benefit of mankind’s Soul.

No Miracle has ever spoken so openly, so generously, so directed to That Portion of mankind, that is a Portion of The Father, that is to be returned to The Father at a given time.  The Soul is a Portion of man that no one can see, and yet It is More Important to man than any human part of man, and It is the recipient of all that man does morally in many ways.  It is victimized many times because of mankind’s weakness, indifference to purity.

When the Soul is mentioned, It is oftentimes ignored because man is not fully aware of Its Presence mentally or physically.  It takes Spiritual understanding.  It takes a specific Faith in God to see, to understand, to recognize that The Father would use Something of This Way, because of the Goal He has for mankind to return to Him one day.

This Miracle of Divine Love has given so much Information, Instruction, alerting mankind to this Special Act of Generosity.  It is the Portion of man that will be allowed to return to God, bearing the name of the individual in which It was placed at the moment of conception.  Mankind has a special place in the creation of all things, a specific Purpose, a definite Goal.

This Miracle has been given to the whole world to enlighten mankind of this Divine Love that was placed within each human life.  It is not difficult to understand if mankind will but allow the reality to be seen through eyes of Faith.

The Father placed a Portion of Himself upon the earth in the form of man called ‘The Son of God’.  There were more reasons for this than have ever been explained.  Many men have calculated Its Reason, Its Reality, but This Miracle has been given for all of mankind, regardless of color, race or creed, to better understand the Purpose, the Dignity, that is obvious when man realizes it is the Soul that makes mankind different than all other creations.

Animals do not have Faith in God; man should, or does.  Animals do not have reason; man does.  Man has intellect.  The intellect combined with Faith in God is an important combination because, basically, in the world many men are driven by ambition for success.  The greatest success for mankind is for the Soul to return to God ‘a Saint’.  So be it.”

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