ON AUGUST 18, 1993


“I am Saint Clare.  I have not mentioned My Name often through This Beautiful Miracle that has been presented to the world, the whole world, for the benefit of Souls.  I speak through a small one in the world.  This is how The Father works.  He says that He wants mankind, all races, all colors, all creeds, all degrees of intellect, to be able to better understand the Purpose of life, the Beauty of human life, and What He intended it for.

Mankind dismisses the fact that a Generous Gift was given at the moment of conception.  Man says, ‘I have not seen It, I cannot see It, so how can it be true?’ and I, Saint Clare, say to you: ‘When you kneel by your bed at night, which most of you do not, ask The Father to give you the strength to understand the Importance of this Portion of Him that is within you.  Ask to see some Light in your mental capacity that gives you the understanding that there has to be a Special Portion of Him within you, for you to understand that Faith is not just a Delicate Gift of Divine Love, but should be a Treasured Gift of Divine Love because It separates you from all animal life, all vegetable life, and all other forms of every dimension in the world.’

Heaven has been so articulate in All the Messages handed to you and all who will read Them.  Granted, you do not hear My Voice, but We pass the Words through the voice of one such as you, and as These Words pass, there is no question that These Words are not Ours because of the manner in which They are directed, given; the Content, the Purpose, the Reason and the Way.

Many learned men find it difficult to understand a Miracle of This Magnitude.  They say, ‘Yes, the Words are beautiful to read; perhaps They were prepared.’ Not so.  There is no preparation.  There is no need for preparation, for as They are given, Our Presence is evident to the little one’s Soul, and through this Soul the intellect responds, and the whole of her being passes to you, through a vocal manner, or a written manner, what The Father desires mankind to know.

Mankind is not fully aware of the importance of the Gift of Faith.  He knows the word, but he does not fully understand what an effect Faith in The Father’s Will has on the whole of his life, or her life.

It is important that all ages begin to concentrate on What has been given to the world through This Beautiful Miracle that has taught continuously for so long.  It is true, all things have not been written.  It is true that there have been days that twenty hours a day, or more, were used to teach to the listener or listeners, Instruction for the benefit of all individuals’ Souls.

There is no physical rest for this little one through whom I speak.  This is difficult for man to understand, but as her whole being is directed to be attentive to Us at all times, it is difficult for man to understand such a way of life.  So Many Saints have spoken in a very direct way.  Many of renowned degrees of tutelage have spoken profoundly, articulately, and These Words have been put down for History.

I will take her into the funnel for three days, because to release her quickly would be difficult for the body, even for the strongest human being in the world.

You must see that people throughout the world are presented the opportunity for What has been delivered that has been written, because it is The Father’s Will that mankind better understand the Importance of human life, because there is a great enemy trying to draw mankind the other way.  Sometimes mankind laughs at this because he cannot, or she cannot see the diabolical encouragement, infestation of all that is wrong.

The little ones must be protected.  It is a tremendous task.  But you do live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, which was spoken many, many, many years ago through This Miracle of Divine Love, Divine Hope.  Your tasks are many, your responsibilities many, because in these you will not only guard your Faith, but the Faith of hundreds or thousands of others.

The Father blesses you when One of Us speaks, because it is The Father’s Will that so Many of Us take this time, share it with you, speak with you, to you, because of the Importance of your Soul, not only to The Father, but to you, for Eternal Life.  So be it.”

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