ON SEPTEMBER 25, 1993 AT 2:18 PM


“I have given to the world a Gift of Divine Love, a Gift of Divine Hope.  I do not give such Major Gifts as This, as often as man thinks I do.

A Gift from Me bears much responsibility and victimizes a child totally.  Ordinary thinking instinctively says man wants to be free.  One who walks for Me loses the freedom they are used to, or the freedom they feel they need.

Millions of people throughout every nation in the world, every country, must hear about This Blessing that I have given for the benefit of Souls to be returned to Me.

It is difficult for many to understand, even many who have joined groups, using these areas to practice in ways they feel will spread My Will to all mankind.  When I Direct a Blessing of the Magnitude of This Beautiful Miracle, I Am In Charge of Every Facet of It, Every Degree of Its Delivery, Every Subject It Covers, and Every Place I Want It to be.

Sometimes, when an individual sees This Beautiful Miracle that bears so much Love from Me, the individual tries in many ways to imitate, to replace the individual through whom I speak, I act, I deliver My Will.  Only I can work in this manner.  Only I have the Power to not just request submission of one’s will, one’s time, one’s presence, one’s submission, for a Miracle of this Proportion, this Magnitude, this Purpose.

Many men and many women want to understand how this comes about so spontaneously, so directly, so profoundly.  Better they listen, read and follow the Directions, than to spend so much time trying to imitate or figure out how it is accomplished.

Every time I come to the world to instruct, as I have this time, My Reasoning is for the benefit of a Multitude of Souls that are in great need for this to happen.

You live in a time of much diabolical intervention, most of it only being recognized in a humanistic frame of acceptance.  It is diabolical in its inception, and there is a great battle every moment of every day taking place that man cannot see with his or her eyes, but it should be recognized by what is occurring, and it could be called ‘brainwashing’, ‘brain damaging’, ‘moral abomination’, with total ignorance to what My enemy is trying to do so that many, many, many Souls will fall to the wayside because of the weaknesses of the flesh, based on immorality in vulgar, ugly, despicable forms of impurities of the mind, of the body, of the pleasures that are based on the enemy of all mankind.

I Am The Father.  Man says I would not speak, especially through such a little one in the world.  I Would, I Do, I Am, and I Will Continue to do so, for I will not give up as long as there is One Soul that could be lost to Me, by the enemy.  So be it.”

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