ON NOVEMBER 3, 1993 AT 1:20 PM


“Man has many forms of communication.  The main one is called ‘speech’, the spoken word, a communication that is prompt, immediate, and can be heard.  There are many forms of communication other than speech.

In My Creation of man, giving man so many forms of communication, would I not have a Communication understandable to man?  The Communication I have is through the sound Faith in My Existence, the inner feeling of My Existence, and of course, through those I have chosen to give My Directions so that others would better understand the Purpose, the Reason I created man.

Through This Beautiful Miracle that bears the Name of One that man can relate to, that man can see is close to Me, This Miracle is a Teaching Miracle, a Miracle of Communication, for man to better understand the Importance of human life, what I created it for, and the closeness that man has with Me.

When the Words were written, first spoken, through This Beautiful Gift of My Love, called ‘a Miracle’ because of from Where so much Teaching was delivered, is delivered, and will be delivered for a very, very long time, the Love I have extended through this Communication has been One easy for man to understand and easy for man to be able to follow, because of the closeness that has been instructed to be, through the Soul that I instill at the moment of conception.

When I hand to the world a Special, Specific Form of Communication through a child in the world, It should automatically be seen for What It truly is, and from Where It comes.  There are so many Facets of It that breathe Supernatural, not humanly designed, and that no human being would be capable of such a Phenomenon that speaks for Me.

I have used this little instrument for many of man’s years, a personal Communication, so that mankind could understand the importance of All of the Direction, the Reason for It, and of course, the Genuineness of the Content for the benefit of all men.

Some men say, ‘It is difficult to believe.’ I say, ‘This is a ridiculous statement, for no man born to the world could teach so much, could deliver so much Reason, so much Direction, in such an understandable form of Communication.’

When a child prays, a child of any age, I am aware of all the intentions, the time, the conditions, and the need or the purpose for which the prayer or prayers are spoken.  Nothing in the world escapes Me.

I have Blessed thousands through This Miracle, and through the written Communication I will bless millions more.

Remember, when you speak, never be afraid to speak in My Name, because the Soul of the individual or individuals who listen to your words, find nourishment, hope in what you speak.  Let no man, woman or child tell you I do not come personally through This Beautiful Miracle that I have placed in the world at a time that man is so desperately in need.  So be it.”

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