ON NOVEMBER 20, 1993 AT 2:10 PM


“I am in constant control of This Blessing I have handed to the world to guide mankind My Way, for My Purpose for which I created man.

All of the Lessons, the Teachings, the Directions are simple in content, distinct in Their meaning, and in no way could They be difficult for any man, woman or child to follow or to be guided by.  I have taken much time delivering support to man’s ability to be able to better understand the Purpose for which I created man, the Goal I have waiting for man.

There are so many areas of rejection to My Will, through the enemy that fights desperately to control man’s thinking, man’s actions, man’s intentions, man’s goals.  All I have given is sufficient for mankind to see, to follow, to understand My Plan over the enemy’s.

I speak constantly, instantly, distinctly, through a small child in the world.  I have allowed My Words to be written, giving mankind a Permanent Source instead of man depending upon his or her memory.

Let These Words that I now have spoken be delivered to many.  I feel it is a necessity to remind mankind that My Presence is Constant and Consistent.  I am always present where every life is concerned.

My Love is Unlimited, and I want all to be aware of the Words, no matter what little Faith they might have in how I would openly express why I created man, and how much I stay close to man’s physical life constantly.  So be it.”

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