“There are so many people throughout the world who kneel in prayer and request many things.  There are so many people who just request many things and never think of kneeling in prayer.  There are so many areas of life available to mankind that can be so beneficial to every individual’s Soul.

As I speak through this little one in the world, I speak with a Love beyond your comprehension, because This Blessing that I have passed to the world is One Alone in many ways.  It hands to mankind of all ages, all degrees of Faith, all types, a way to better understand the Importance of That Portion of Me that walks with man, called ‘the Soul’.

You have in many ways heard speeches, talking about what is expected of you, and how much prayer means in your life.  Remember this, My sons:  Prayer is many things.  Prayer is how you think, what you think.  Prayer is how you act, what you do in your actions.  Prayer is in your speech, how you talk.  Everything you say is important, because many times in a casual conversation, your words can give strength to the one, or those who are listening.  Your words can draw their attention to a more moral way of life.

You do not have to preach.  You do not have to make the announcement that you are teaching, but your very presence in how you say things can attract much attention, and the one or ones listening will find great worth in what you have spoken, and in their own way, not yours, will remember at different times in their life.  Your words could mean the Salvation of their Soul, because of your kindness, your generosity, your love, your respect, your decency, your moral values, that radiated from you in a very short conversation; your smile, your intention.

You do not have to walk around with your hands folded, but make your lives example in everything you do, in everything you say, everything you think, every expression in your face.  It can be done.

It is amazing what I have allowed in the facial structure of mankind.  There are so many things that show.  Sometimes terror shows, arrogance shows, immorality, indecency, gratitude, hope, understanding.  Your face, to many people, says more than your words, because you see, every face in the world is different.  In appearance, there is some slight difference, even in those who look alike.  So remember, your appearance and how you use it can be a great message to everyone you meet, because sometimes it says so much when it is needed.

I speak so many Words through This Miracle of My Love, My Hope, My Desire, for mankind to better understand the Importance of why I created mankind, the Goal I have set for mankind.  It is important for you to better understand from this moment on, that human life is a privilege and should be treated thusly.

Everything you are, I have given you.  It is a privilege, for you can use it to its fullest degree, to help someone close to you or someone that you just meet, to become a better person, a more loving person, a person more dedicated to Me.  Sometimes you don’t even have to say a word; a kind act will speak.

I bless you with My Love, through This Beautiful Miracle of Divine Love, and I say, ‘The little one through whom I speak is a messenger to the whole world with My Love, because of the Soul of every living human being.’ So be it.”

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