ON MARCH 3, 1994


“I am Saint John The Baptist.  I know it is difficult for many who hear of This Beautiful Miracle that has been placed amidst mankind at this time, that We Saints Here in the Heavens speak openly, directly, with many Words, giving mankind a strength that nothing else can give, a direct hope, for the benefit of every individual’s Soul to one day come Here.

A little one through whom We All speak, in many ways has been trained to listen for Us above all things, not always understandable to many who hear this, but that is not the issue here.  It is important that those who, even for one time, hear One of Us speak, are brought to better understand the Importance of what human life is all about, the necessity for purity in mind, body and Soul.

In the beginning of This Beautiful Miracle, Many of Us Who spoke realized that many would come to test, to see.  Some came to try to believe.  They had to walk away because they did not have the degree of Faith within themselves to understand such an Occurrence as This, in this time, in this place, in this order, for the Reason It was given:  to allow mankind to fully understand the Importance of all that man is, and of course, the Importance of the Soul that was placed within each human being at the moment of conception.

There are many ways for mankind to better understand the Beauty of such a Miracle as This, and that is to look within his or her individual being, individual degree of Faith in belief in God, the belief in why He would do things, and then pray to understand.

There are so many things that have passed through This Beautiful Miracle, called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’.  A lot of men on the outside say, ‘He is not The Holy Spirit of God.’ I, Saint John The Baptist say: ‘What proof do you have?  Did you live in His time?  Did you walk the road with Him?  Did you hear Him speak?  Or, have you only heard stories about how He was, how He acted, what He did?  Do you believe that it was possible for this Man Who walked the earth, to be Special?’ Many would say, ‘Yes, but in a human way.’ I, Saint John The Baptist say, ‘It was more than human, because there is no evidence of many things attached to this Man, Who has been named down through time as the “Foster Father” of The Son of God.’

We do not expect you to fully understand, but We do say, ‘Try to understand the Importance of what you are all about, the Beauty of human life, and all the ways that you can become a Saint.’

You understand at the end of a day, that you expect to be tired, you expect sleep to take the tiredness away.  Before you take this time, I ask each one to remember to say a prayer for the benefit of your Soul, and do not forget that God’s Love is Never-ending.  Remember to use your love for life for a Great Purpose, the Purpose it was intended for, and that was to become a Saint.  So be it.”

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