ON MARCH 27, 1994 AT 4:55 PM


“I listen to a child in My Way struggle to find the Words that are comfortable for mankind to deal with, to accept, to act upon, and to accomplish important things with.

I have spoken many times through this little one who stands in such a human form, in such a human way, delivering to thousands upon thousands of all types of individuals, Words of Direction for the benefit of their Souls to be returned My Way.

Many men stand aside and ridicule, making determinations on the Practicality of how she speaks, the Reasonability in the Words spoken, and yes, the Purpose for These Words in the life of other men, other women and other children.

So many of the Words are so simply put by Me because I want mankind to understand that when I designed and created the human way, I did it with Divine Plan.  My Purpose was an Ultimate Purpose, My Love a Divine Love, My Reasoning was because I wanted to share so much that I Was, I Have, I Am, in a manner and a way understandable.

When I designed human life, I did it for a Reason beyond human comprehension.  It is true, I have used others through time, but in this time in which you live I have used no boundaries in My Love, because I have spoken so many times in mere conversation, instructing, forgiving, describing, and encouraging someone, or many, to better understand the Importance of what it means to be born man.

Some men say I would not speak.  This is a ridiculous statement.  I use man’s terminology because it is what man can understand.

The millions and millions and millions of Words that I have allowed to be given, the many Instructions that were addressed by different Ones Here are Important Statements for all of mankind to look to, look at, follow and remember, because through the Directions I am assured, and each little human life is assured, that the Soul will be returned to Me Here in Heaven.

Some will read These Words and say I did not speak on this day, but I assure you, I am speaking in a form and in a manner understandable to the ears of mankind, and when the Words are written, the eyes and the mind will absorb Them as I Determine the Meaning of Them to be remembered.

It is true I use a small one, a tiny one, but I assure you, obedience to My Will is never questioned, and I use this time to give My Love through This Miracle that is so easy to understand, so Important for the life and the Souls of every man, woman and child.

I will hold this child for three days, because the Power I extend is a Power different than man knows power to be.

I will release her slowly, for I intend to use this small body, this small voice, this love for Me, later.  So be it.”

“The Power I Was, I Am, as I used her voice, will remain behind her eyes the three full days.  Others may not understand the Words that will pour forth from her because she will still be with Me in a manner not understandable by man.”

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