ON APRIL 13, 1994


“Three of Us speak through one who The Father uses every hour of the day, so that mankind will better understand Why life was created, the Purpose for which it was created, and the Dignity in it, through His Form of Creation.

My time upon the earth was a long time ago, according to man’s years.  It is a privilege for Me to come through This Miracle on this night, because as I spend this time with you, My desire is for you to leave this room in your time, more understanding of how to become a Saint, methods you can adopt for your daily life, and those that you can help better understand purity of mind, body and Soul.  Mankind does not understand the importance of purity, because impurity is rampant throughout the world.

Many times the word ‘diabolical’ is used through This Beautiful Miracle of Divine Love.  It is true, there is so much in your time, in the world today, that is diabolical implemented, and diabolical in every facet of its action, of its direction, of its intercession.

You must understand that The Father has placed within every human conception, a Living Portion of Himself, difficult for mankind to understand, but nonetheless true.  This Portion of The Father that has been placed, had to have a name so man could relate to Something, and It’s called ‘a Soul’.  Man says, ‘I have a Soul,’ but rarely does man truly understand the Magnitude of That Portion of human life that is ever evident day and night.

I am Saint Agnes.  There are Others Here with Me and They smile at what I say, for They say to you also: ‘Be aware of everything you do and say, and remember, let no one lead you to perdition, because the evil one is lurking in many places throughout the world, places that appear blessed, places that appear just right for you to be.  Do not be afraid to stand up to what you know is not for the benefit of your Soul.’

We bless you in a way you are used to being blessed, because in this Blessing a Grace is handed to you, but also a strength, because in the Grace there is a Love of The Father’s, for when His Name is mentioned, He smiles and says, ‘I hear My Name spoken again.  I understand the child’s presence.’

In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost.  Amen. So be it.”

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