ON MAY 19, 1994 AT 9:10 PM


“It would be difficult for many, many human beings to understand that I would come at this time, to speak personally to all of mankind.

Because of the turmoil, because of all the anger in the world, due to the enemy of Mine who walks in the midst of mankind, I gave to the world a Jewel, and the Jewel is a Blessing of Mine, specifically to give mankind Something to treasure, Something to hold dear, Something to use, so that mankind could better understand the necessity to see the Purpose for which I created life, and the Reasons.

I oftentimes have to make Special Times so that mankind can better understand the Importance of the human life.  The Jewel I have handed at this time are Words:  Words of Direction, Words of Care, Words of Love, Words of Hope, Words for mankind to see the Value in the Relationship between man and Me.

The time has come for mankind to understand that I did not create mankind to be like all other things in the world.  This Creation of Mine is Special, for there is a Portion of man to return to Me.

Man says, ‘I cannot see That Portion, the Soul, but I feel there is Something within me that is different than anything else I know.’ Yes, please let the world know that I, in a Special Form, am present in all human life.  Do not allow any human being to discourage your belief in this, for This is a Portion of Me that you, and all other children throughout the world, are responsible to return to Me — the Soul.

Be blessed for your work.  Be diligent in it.  Persevere, for obstacles have been in the past, and you will face many obstacles yet to come, but remember one thing, the Jewel that I have handed to the world will be your security in many ways, because you see, the Jewel is a Gift from Me — My Love, My Words.  So be it.”

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