ON MAY 28, 1994 AT 3:15 PM


“I am Saint Sebastian.  I have spoken many times through This Gift of Divine Love that hands personally to mankind The Father’s Love, The Father’s Words, His Direction, teaching constantly why He created human life.

Mankind must understand that All that has been spoken through this little one in the world has Great Purpose and is of Divine Origin.

It is not necessary for mankind to openly accept, making an issue out of their belief of This Beautiful Gift.  What is necessary is that millions become aware of This Happening, and the Meaning of All that is spoken through her.  It is to make mankind aware that human life has a definite Goal, Purpose, and this is to one day be with God for All Eternity.

Some men and women question: ‘Why would God work this way, when there is so much in the past History that instructs mankind of the evidence of God’s Existence?’ I, Saint Sebastian, say, ‘Man’s inference of deciding what it should be like at such a Gift as This, is because they do not understand The Father’s Manner, Way, and Ultimate Purpose in why and how He determines what is best for man.’

The little one through whom I speak is in total service to The Father’s Will.  Mankind cannot relate to such an ultimate Responsibility, but I add to the above:  submission of one’s will in this manner is unheard of in man’s thinking, and it is time that mankind see all the Benefits that The Father has so lovingly given through a human life that mankind can relate to, and in many ways should respect because of the obvious Love for mankind that is given in such an understanding way, guiding, instructing, and Personal.  So be it.”

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