ON MAY 28, 1994 AT 4:00 PM


“I am Saint Martha.  There are so many areas of life in which mankind can set the Goal of Sainthood.

Man thinks and acts as though success in the human life is the ultimate goal.  Granted, there is much pleasure in success, a feeling of security, a feeling of satisfaction, but if mankind will but concentrate on success over and above success in the human way, and seek it for the Life to come.  There are so many misconceptions and doubts regarding the Goal for which human life was created.

Many of Us Here request to speak through This Beautiful Miracle, because We want mankind to know that success in life after death, they have reached the Ultimate Goal.

There are so many denials because of a lack of Faith, a lack of growth in desiring to please God above all things.  It is sad when man places all the importance on what is termed ‘a successful life’.  We Here say, ‘In your search for success, have you remembered the Purpose for which life was created?’

Mankind should know that The Father’s Love is beyond any love man can relate to or compare anything to.  That is why This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph is so Important.  It has enlightened man’s ideas, ideals, perceptions and values, to the benefits of working, planning, practicing in all useful measures, to one day be present as a Saint in the Heavens.

The Souls of mankind are saddened when there is an abundance of impurities acted upon and taken for granted.  Satan uses weakness, gullibility, immorality, and all other forms of sinfulness, so that the individual or individuals lose sight of the Goal of life, Sainthood.

Many of Us speak and have spoken.  The Words, the Directions, the Instructions, are in many ways defined repeatedly, and yet there are men of all walks of life who deliberately deny that We would speak as We do.  So be it.”

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