ON JULY 3, 1994 AT 3:40 PM


“I hear many say I would not speak through a human being in the world, I am above such a manner of doing things.  I say, ‘I Am God The Father, and I do speak through This Beautiful Gift of My Love, because It is so desperately needed at this time because Souls are being desecrated and drawn away from Me.’

Evil is lurking in every area of human life:  the religious areas, the family areas, the social areas, the work areas, entertainment, and every other area of human life that mankind is involved in.

There are so many false prophets delivering words, directions, and even mandates, to thousands of people throughout the world.

Paganism is rampant, and men and women of all cultures are adopting this form and manner of expression, because they think it is adaptable to the so-called ‘modern way’ of thinking, addressing it in all forms and areas of their life.

Paganism is associated with diabolic existence and is displeasing to Me in every facet of its existence.

Mankind must turn around completely and see the truth, before I will be forced to Raise My Hand To Enforce What I Want Mankind To Follow.

There is much tragedy in the world now as I speak through this child to all of mankind.  The innocence I use is My Way of showing My Love for all My Souls.

Be aware of All I have said, and What Others have delivered through This Beautiful Gift of My Divine Love.  So be it.”

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