ON JULY 13, 1994


“There are so Many I request to speak through this little one in the world, because you do live in a time of great tragedy.  The tragedy is the tremendous amount of desecration directed My Way, and it is affecting so many Souls in many ways.

I allow Many to stand in her sight.  The Responsibility I hand to this little one is a Responsibility unknown to mankind.  It is a Responsibility that no moment in the day is absent from her.

Sometimes I hear different ones say: ‘Why doesn’t she speak up if she knows it is wrong?  Why doesn’t she say what she knows it should be?’ What they do not know is that it takes a great strength to not say many things, and allow the will, the intention, the reasonability and the personal views to be used, because the individual or individuals, know right from wrong.  So in essence, it is My Will that she responds to, because you have a free will to act upon, act in, act with, and use to the degree of your love for Me.

Many clerical men would say I would not speak.  I say: ‘Why not?  I have all through time.  There are many records of My having spoken for specific reasons, delivering Important Messages for the good of all mankind.’

Man associates Me with a physical form.  Man does not see the reality of How I Really Am.

I pass through this child the Words.  I am The Father.  Some men say it cannot be.  She says, ‘God, they do not believe,’ and I say, ‘Say what I tell you to say and I will take care of the rest.’ So that is how this little one walks in your midst, obedient to My Will, ever conscious of all human life, and ever willing to give you the strength that I Decree.

Many learned men could learn from This Beautiful Miracle that has a Gentleness in It, has Survival in It, has a Beauty in It, has a Distinctness in It, and a simplicity that is unquestionable, if the individual listening or reading has the Faith that it takes to believe in My Love for mankind, My Goal for mankind.

There are so Many Here that I have allowed to speak through this little one.  I do not say to her, ‘Are you too tired to listen?’ for she is always available.  Your time she is not subject to, only My Will.

Through This Gift of My Love that I have handed to the world, millions and millions and millions must be touched, for if they are not, I will have to take some form of action.  There are too many who are denying so much about Me, and are experiencing personal identities to power they do not have.

I alerted mankind a long time ago that ‘this time’ would come.  Mankind was warned, and with This Warning, this time should have passed without the turmoil that is occurring in so many areas.

There are so many falling into the path and into the pit of total desecration to My Will.  They are ignoring All that has been spoken, and their aim, their goal is to be and look important in the eyes of others.  They feel they have the ability, the talent, the knowledge, to guide.  They do not have it, because it is not What I Have Instructed To Be.  They have made changes that are incorrect.  They have doubted so many things that gave mankind strength, but in the updating of Faith in Me, they have destroyed ‘a unity with Me’.

As you say prayers in the form you understand, remember:  when you say them with a loyalty, a hope, a love, I always respond.  I never allow one prayer to be unheard, for you see, it is your communication personally with Me.

I bless you, My children, in a manner you understand, but I have also Blessed you with the Words I passed through a little one at this time, for you to use as a reminder that though I Am The Father, I am present at all times in My Way, with you.  So be it.”

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