ON JULY 18, 1994 AT 3:40 PM


“Man says, ‘Why does not God stop all the confusion, turmoil, hypocrisy, and diabolical actions, activities that are occurring throughout the world, through people, circumstances and confusion where so much sacrilegious abusiveness is obvious in Spiritual areas?’

GOD HAS INTERVENED.  He has sent a Great Miracle to the world.  This Miracle has been One of such Great Distinction in that It is a Teaching Miracle, Instruction in all areas of life, showing how man can use a constructive attitude, use a constructive position, in acting through moral avenues rather than permitting immorality to be the course of action taken.

Man has a choice.  This in itself is a Gift of Divine Love.  Man has a will.  This in itself is different than any other living Creation of The Father’s.  Man has a nature.  Man has a mind.

Even the most illiterate human being instinctively knows when something is good, something is bad, something is harmful, something is in some way advantageous in a good way.

Man is aware of sound theory but oftentimes abuses it, because he or she feels it is not what they desire to accept at that time, so they allow confusion and infusion of facts, based on liberalism that cannot be defined as sound reasoning.

I have spoken often through This Miracle.  No child has been used for so much Information, so much Direction, so much Clarity, instructing mankind in the Importance of What is instilled in mankind at the moment of conception.

Also, there has been so much taught on the reiterating of the Importance of God’s Rules to be the Guidelines for daily living.

I am Saint Thomas Aquinas.  So be it.”

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