ON SEPTEMBER 22, 1994 AT 3:28 PM


“I am Saint Josaphat.  I have spoken many times through this small voice.  The time in which you live is a troubled time, a time that the enemy of God and of man is active and is activating many wrongs, many diabolical interventions in important places.  His entrance into the background operations of Holy Places is evident by the disruption that has been caused and is being deliberately caused, rejecting the beauty of what mankind must do to protect that Precious Gift of Divine Love, the Soul.

Many times, Many of Us Here request to speak when there is one or more present to hear Our Words.  The Father decides the time, the place, the circumstances, because it is important that at certain times those who will hear the Directions, the subject matter, will grow stronger from it, in it, and will be able to be better example to others because of it.

In the time in which I lived, We were ever conscious of right and wrong, truth and untruth.  We were also aware that many conditions, situations were of evil nature.  You, too, must understand that all things should be scrutinized before they are accepted.  One must weigh what the results will be.  One must look into what effects the actions or situations will have on the Soul and on the physical life of the individuals involved.

As you stand in the world, active in the world, involved in many things of value, you have responsibility; you have to understand more than those who do not see the values and the moral responsibilities that are a part of everyday living and everyday involvement.  Also, all things you are involved in must be considered for their moral values and their moral standards, above and beyond any chance of there being, or having one speck of immorality or any wrong in any of the standards.

Each of Us that are allowed to speak realize the importance of Every Word We pass through this little one, because it is The Father’s Will that All We speak be written for thousands, millions, to read and to be able to follow in their individual abilities, so that they will be informed and not left out of the Guidance, the Beauty of This Precious Gift of Divine Love, The Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph.  So be it.”

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