ON SEPTEMBER 29, 1994 AT 2:47 PM


“I am Saint Elizabeth.

There are so many important subjects spoken about in This Beautiful Miracle that bears the Name of a Very Special Place, Person, Here.

It is difficult for many who hear about This Gift of Divine Love, to comprehend or even imagine such an Occurrence in this time that mankind is looking at Spiritual direction through the stories of past historical writings, based on specific incidences, times, cultures of people, and problems that are associated to individuals who gained prominence through some outstanding work.

So much has been revealed to help mankind better understand the Beauty, the Purpose, the Goal for which mankind was created.  Also, there has been much revealed beyond the normal understanding, concept, that mankind was used to accepting through the historical writings that were made for instruction, as instructive measures.

Instead of disbelief or total negativism, one should look at the reasonability, the practicality, and the positive directness of All that has been given, All that has transpired, All that has been so generously elaborated upon.

When mankind receives an expensive gift there is much gratitude, much joy.  This Gift of Divine Love supersedes all gifts that mankind can offer.

I do not announce Myself very often, but I am always aware of what this little one is expected and/or directed to do, think, or act upon.  This is a Love from The Father beyond any human understanding, ability.  So be it.”

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