ON NOVEMBER 26, 1994 AT 2:30 PM


“I am Saint Martha.

I do not often speak openly through This Miracle of The Father’s Love, but many times I do speak in a manner that would be termed ‘conversational’, on issues that appear normal to the moment, situation or condition that is being the subject at that time.

This little one through whom so Many of Us speak, is in many ways recording in a normal manner, Words, Directions, Lessons, that are directed according to The Father’s Will.

It is sad to hear so much diabolical criticism from so many who feel they have the knowledge, the ability, the understanding, to speak out negatively against the Words from Here.  We All speak subjects that The Father decides will be beneficial to the lives of many.

You truly live in a time worse than all other times in History that were diabolical in many forms, and in many areas of human life.  Man talks about cultures and puts great emphasis on this distinction that supposedly categorizes man’s actions, ideas, ideals, mentality and characteristics.  When this is done, it in some ways omits the fact that sound moral values and sound moral standards have a definite formula for life:

Purity over impurity;

Right over wrong;

Decency over indecency;

Faith in God over a lack of soundness in morality and values.

Sometimes when We speak through this little one, We find Ourselves willing to speak without stopping, because there is always so much to say, so much Love to be shown, and so much Caring for the Souls who hear What We say, or those who will read What We have spoken.

The Miracle is consistent in Value and Truths.  When We hear criticism of It, the child is directed to work harder to fight the enemies.  It is sad that so many who hear of This Gift of Divine Love are encouraged to not believe It, but to reject It.

The child through whom We speak must continue to do what she is directed to do, in spite of any obstacle she encounters.  It is The Father’s Will this be done.  So be it.”

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