ON MARCH 14, 1995 AT 4:43 PM


“I know it is difficult for many to fully understand the Manner and the Way I have chosen at this time to reach man.  I use a small child obedient to My Will every day.

This Miracle that bears the Name of The Beloved Joseph, has taught mankind of the Fullness of His Name.  So many, in hearing this news, found it difficult to believe, to understand, to accept.

This little one through whom so Many speak, is oftentimes more alert to One of Them, than those who surround her and those who are aware of her presence with them.

This Precious Gift of Love from Me, is to help all of mankind better understand the Importance of what it means to be man.  True, in My Design of mankind, I placed the ability to see, to feel, to speak, and to do many things.

I also, through time, introduced to mankind more about Me.  This Blessing in which you all take part, says that you, too, were chosen to walk in a special way, as the Apostles were another day.

I know that it appears sometimes that I place much responsibility in your life, different than others you know to be, but your obedience is like ‘a living chain’ that must pass throughout the world link by link, to teach, to instruct, to inform millions from here, to better understand the Precious Gift of life that bears a Precious Gift of Divine Love, a Soul.

Never allow anyone’s doubt to disturb you, distract you, or to confuse you.  Your strength will eventually give others strength.

Mankind has a saying: ‘A chain is as strong as its weakest link.’ Be prepared to repair any weakness, any doubt, any fear that might crop up.

As Your Father, I Hand To You A Love That Is Totally Mine, But I Also Hand To You Tasks That Are Important, Because When You Perform Them Well, They Will Lead Millions Of Souls To Me, To The Divine.  So Be It.”

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