ON MARCH 15, 1995


“As you are present and you are attentive to the Words that flow through, to instruct you regarding what I Will for you to do, I want you to understand My Love is in All My Words that I pass through this little one to you.

Mankind is a Special Creation of Mine.  It is a Gift of My Love, because I have a Purpose for it and a Special Love in it, through the Soul I placed at the moment of conception.  It is sad to hear some deny this Fact, reject It, cast It aside, saying it cannot be that way.  It is, it always has been, and it always will be.

When a child is born, the child has a Portion of Me, a Soul.  To see a child treasured by those who will care for the child and love the child, in My Name, for the Purpose I created that child, I smile at this, for human life is a Gift of Divine Love.  It is sad that all of mankind does not recognize this, but there are so many who make decisions in My Name.  There are so many who deny What I would do because of My Love and through My Love, in My Creation of man.

Many times in the past, when one would walk in a special way designed by Me, to leave a Mark upon the earth for others to follow, for others to see the Magnitude of what human life was all about, and then have ‘this individual’ denied by so many who felt superior in knowledge and in many ways.

Today is an important day, because as I speak to you, I speak in your way, I speak in the tongue you understand.  I instruct you in the manner you will remember, as man.  So many out there in the world say I would not do this, I would not speak at this time.  Who are they to decide What I would do, What I would say?  Who is capable of understanding the Degree of Love I have for man?  It is ignorance.  It is a lack of understanding the Magnitude of what man is all about.

I gave mankind an intellect.  I gave mankind eyes to see with.  I gave mankind ears to hear with.  I gave mankind abilities beyond all other things I created.  I gave mankind ‘a Portion of Me’.

The little one through whom I speak, speaks My Words.  Difficult for some to understand that I would use such a little one and not a great learned man, but the important issue is that the Words will be passed on from this time in which you live, for many times to come.  They will never be erased by a generation who will deny Them.

With This Message on this night I send you My Love, because when I read your hearts, I read your minds, I listen to what you say, I know that in so many ways your love for Me is present and you want it to grow, because instinctively you know that My Love for you is within you.  So be it.”

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