ON MARCH 23, 1995 AT 8:00 PM


“This little one through whom I speak, delivering so many Words, so many Directions, so much Information, regarding all I want mankind to better understand, the Importance and the Purpose for which I created man.  Those who hear the Words, those who read the Words, cannot fully understand why I would have chosen such a little one to deliver My Important Messages to the whole world, to all men.

At this time mankind is in great need for All that I have delivered, because there are so many things distracting mankind from the Importance of the Purpose for which I created mankind.

Many times it has been said, ‘You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.’ It is difficult for mankind to fully understand what a horrible time that was.

It is difficult for mankind to fully understand how sad I become when there is so much evil catering to the enemy.  There is so much desecration of what I have created.  There is so much abuse through diabolical intercession, affecting the lives of millions, and needless to say, the Souls of millions.

This little voice I use is smaller than mankind would expect Me to use, but I do not need great physical strengths when I choose a child to walk for Me, to extend My Will.  The Power that passes through My Words is sufficient for mankind to understand the Importance of All I speak, the Meaning I extend in All I say.

There has been so much delivered, warning mankind, instructing mankind, directing mankind, to use what is logically pure, correct, for the benefit of Souls.

Mankind fears physical disaster.  Mankind should fear more My Anger.  Mankind should show gratitude through obedience, that I would take the time to speak so much, and to use All Here with Me to deliver Important Messages so that mankind will understand the necessity to obey What I speak, for the Reasons I speak about.

Time is important to man.  Time and Souls are Important to Me.  Through this small voice I have delivered a Multitude of Words, instructing mankind in a manner understandable to all ages, all walks of life, to all races, all colors, all creeds.

I want This Message to be delivered to the furthest corners from where this place is.  I want no one to make decisions on who should not receive What I have given, and have requested Others Here with Me to speak about.

My Very Words, My Very Attention is a Blessing beyond what any man, woman or child knows a blessing to be.  So be it.”

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