ON MARCH 24, 1995 AT 12:00 PM


“There are specific times that mankind feels the necessity, or is urged by someone to send a gift for some specific day or reason, to someone they are familiar with, or hardly know, or even a stranger.

As I speak through This Gift of My Divine Love, My Words are to instruct all who will listen, all who will read Them, how mankind can better understand the Gift of human life and the Goal that I have planned for it.  There are millions of all ages who are not familiar with this Love of Mine for My Creation of man.

In the human way mankind understands the necessity for love, because in this it brings a oneness in a way of life and it gives strength in every part of life.  When a child of any age feels that there is no love for him or her, it is not just lonesomeness, but there is a void in everyday living.  It is important that mankind of all races, all colors, all creeds, be assured of My Love, My Constant Presence, and that I am available for them to communicate with Me every minute of every day.

It is sad when mankind does not understand the Closeness, the Connection, the Oneness every human life has with Me.  It is difficult for some to understand the Gift I hand at the moment of conception, but I come to the world at this time describing firsthand the Closeness that I am with man.  Those who doubt give Me sadness, those who find the strength in it, is a happiness to Me.

Some say, ‘God is not real.’ This has a facet of truth in it because I am beyond what reality is in man’s definition.  Through This Miracle of My Love, I hand to the world a Deep Affection, because I am fully aware of the littleness of man, and yet I am fully aware of the Greatness that awaits each child born to the world.

So much has been spoken, written, and read, but there is still so much for mankind to realize, accept and follow for the benefit of the Soul I have placed within.  I hear some say: ‘If I had a Soul, I’d know it.  I would have to feel something.’ I, your Father say: ‘You do.  Every time you feel the necessity of choice regarding right or wrong, truth or untruth, it is innate in man to know there is a difference that is obvious.’

I have spoken so many times in general conversation through this little one in the world.  My Words must reach important places, and what man would term ‘unimportant places’.  The Words that have been put in book form must be allowed to go to those who are considered wealthy in material things, matters, and those who are poor in these things.  You must understand that These Words from Here are to teach, instruct, and verbally dramatize, demonstrate the Importance of My Relationship, the Purpose for which I created human life, man.  So be it.”

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