ON APRIL 10, 1995 AT 3:38 PM


“I am Saint Jude.  I hear children speak My Name, requesting help.  I understand such a human need, hope.  Many times when a prayer or prayers are answered, the child does not always recognize that it is a response to their request.  No prayer is ever said that is not heard.  No request for help is not responded to.  When an individual or a group prays for a specific intention, the prayer or prayers are answered in the manner, the way, the degree that The Father Wills it to be.

Many times prayers are answered and it is called ‘a Miracle’.  A Miracle, when It is beneficial to the physical or mental is more often recognized than when it is done in a different area for the individual.  There are many facets to a Miracle that is sent because of a request for help.  The Father knows what is most beneficial to be at that time.  Then there are times that the prayers are answered and the results obvious, but there is no thanksgiving because it was taken for granted, or the individual or individuals became too busy, too empowered by their own input, that they forgot to say, ‘Thank You.’

Think of what a Miracle it is that you are present here today.  Think of the Importance of What you have heard and are a part of.  Now ask yourself, ‘For this Gift I have received, what is my responsibility to be for It, with It, in It?’ It is easy for mankind to enjoy a Miracle but so oftentimes It is taken for granted, not fully appreciated.  We find this many, many, many times.

Now let Me talk about the Miracle of Faith, its Precious Gift of Divine Love to all who have it.  It has strength in it to conquer many things that are unpleasant in daily living.  It has courage in it and it has hope.

As I speak on this day in your time, it is The Father’s Will that All He allows to be given through This Miracle of Divine Love will be shared with the whole world of mankind, because there is not one human being that does not reach out for some manner of help, words of comfort.  This Miracle covers all areas of human life, human need, human hope.  So be it.”

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