ON APRIL 13, 1995 AT 11:59 AM


“I am Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.  I smile through this child, because of the love I see, I feel, I know, is within the heart of each one here with her now.

All who will read the Words that so Many Here in the Heavens have delivered to encourage mankind, to strengthen mankind, to instruct mankind, on the importance of the responsibilities that human life has, and that is to walk understanding the Goal for which human life was created, and That without question, is for each one born to the world to become ‘a Saint Here in the Heavens’.

Some who hear These Words, or even read These Words, connect this Ultimate Goal to just a physical role.  It is mainly for the Soul of the individual to be returned to The Father as He Designed it to be, bearing the name of the individual that He allowed to be created, to give, to share His Love for All Eternity.

Man connects, associates, his or her heart with life, with action, with inspiration.  The Father, in the Lessons He passed down through time, showing His Sacred Heart to the world of mankind, did this so that mankind could more fully realize a closeness in life, because of the heart to His Sacred Heart, that they can compare to their life on earth, their action in every breath, in every movement.

Mankind associates a picture of a heart with love.  No greater Love has man ever experienced or been dedicated to, than The Heart you know as ‘The Sacred Heart’, given to mankind from Above.

As many read how My life was upon the earth, it is a privilege for Me to speak on this day in your time, hopefully to renew the Gift The Father gave, the Gift of Comparison of Life and of Hope.  So be it.”

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