ON APRIL 17, 1995 AT 12:10 PM


“It is difficult for many to understand such a Personal Association with Divine Will, Divine Love.  Mankind, in worldly pleasures, worldly needs, worldly accomplishments, eliminates Where the Gift of life originated, and the Purpose for which each life occurs.  So much is taken for granted, so much Divine Intercession ignored.  Mankind places all emphasis on what is natural to them, feasible, understandable, and that they can relate to visibly or through the other senses.

I, Saint Ignatius say, ‘What has occurred in the world at this time where you are, is a Gift of Divine Love, instructing mankind in an understandable form and way, the Beauty, the Love and the Purpose for human life.’

Sometimes We hear groups of men and women discussing scientific measures, scientific results, always emphasizing the magnitude of the discoveries.  This in itself has a definite human accomplishment.  It is sad to hear that these accomplishments are thought to supersede the Creation of mankind, because of man’s innate pride in what has been learned through human minds.

This Gift that has been handed through such a small voice is One of Greatness, because It is the Purest Instruction mankind can receive regarding what human life is all about, the Purpose for its creation, and of course, delivering to mankind the knowledge of the ‘Absolute Factor’ that is and always has been placed within the conception of every human being.  This Gift though unseen, is obvious through mankind’s ability to understand the Gift of choice available in every decision that calls for purity or impurity, moral or immoral, to be made at any given moment of any day.  A child is instructed at a very small age that one thing is acceptable because it is right, it is good.  Some other act or word is not acceptable because it is wrong.

Another Gift that is important is the Gift of example.  It is so many times ignored because of indifference to a situation, to an individual or individuals, that the one who is expressing, establishing, or practicing some form of example is indifferent to what effect it has on others.

The Father gave mankind The Rules of life.  These Rules are for all time, all races, all colors, all creeds, and These Rules have been defined to the minutest detail through This Miracle of Divine Love.

All of Us Who have been allowed to partake in This Gift that must one day be seen for Its Worth, Its Value and Its Divine Love, find the privilege beyond what mankind knows privilege to be.

There have been many stories regarding past times, wherein example of those who doubted, those who resisted, those who complained, those who rejected informative Lessons, Instructions, Teachings, Practices, were sometimes cast aside, and not all would or could accept because of personal opinions.  Even though so much has been delivered to help mankind, The Father still says to Many of Us Here, ‘Do not leave them alone, for through their love for Me and the Knowledge and Information they have been given so personally, many Souls will be returned to Me in a State of Purity.’  So be it.”

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