ON APRIL 17, 1995 AT 4:02 PM


“I am Saint John of The Cross.  I have not mentioned My Name many times when The Father requested I speak through This Beautiful Gift that bears the Name of One so Great, ‘Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit’.  Though it is difficult for many who hear His True Title, the Importance of It, I must confirm what this Title says.  Even though there were a few times in past History that His Full Title was alluded to, it was not yet the time The Father Willed It to be fully understood in the Full Manner It is.

Men talk about a doubting Thomas, men talk about Judas who knew Truth, was close to It, and yet in weakness, fear, rejected It, denied It.  There are so many times when Messages pass through this little one, that men and women deny the Facts because they have not learned It previously in that context.

We hear the little one say: ‘God, they are not listening.  What will make them understand it is not I who am telling them This, but You Who are allowing It to be said?’ This format of conversation has passed down through time, many times when Specific Important Revealings through a human life were allowed to take place, for the benefit of man’s more understanding, more belief in the Importance of Association in how The Father uses love for The Saints, love and devotion to Our Heavenly Mother, love for The Son of God, and of course, love for God Himself.

Mankind judges much on the intellect of some individuals.  Sometimes this bears much good, much truth, much valuable understanding, but when The Father uses a True Mystic to reveal to the world of all nations, a Valuable Piece or Amount of Information, It can never be dismissed, nor can It be compared to human intellect or imagination.

The Father has handed to the world a child of years beyond childhood, and has dictated What was to be passed through her at any given time, Specific Details and Specific Information that would help mankind better understand the Importance of That Gift that is placed within the conception, at the moment of conception of a human life.

I ask you to disregard any negativism that you are confronted by or with, because many times the enemy of God and of man tries to intervene and cause deception.  There is so much jealousy that surrounds This Great Miracle that is for the benefit of millions, even billions of Souls Who, without This Miracle, could become lost.  The Father’s Will has been given to the world so that this disaster would not come about.

Ask yourself, ‘Am I stronger because of what I now understand?’ This answer should be your means of how you will work to allow others to see the Value of Truth in what you know is best for you and for all mankind, even those who are not yet born to the world.  So be it.”

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