ON APRIL 24, 1995 AT 11:18 AM


“I have given mankind a Personal Gift, a Gift that in the practice of What I speak, What Others teach, will guarantee a Place Here with Me.

I oftentimes say, ‘I speak through a little one.’ Some men who read These Words do not fully understand the True Meaning in These Words.  Whenever I use a child who walks upon the earth amongst mankind, the description of this one I choose is always little, because you see, all My children are little to Me.

Many times as I place much responsibility on this small child, I warn her that if there are any repercussions to What I have delivered, she is to stand up to all of mankind, regardless of size, age, profession, or degree of belief in Me.

Mankind, through the human mind, has intellect to fully understand, or to partly understand subject matter.  Within the human mind I have placed the ability for mankind to visualize, to realize that life was created for more than what man is used to being accountable to, accountable for, accountable in.

The physical I created is a specific Special Gift of Mine.  It is as a chalice that must be cared for, cared about, respected and acknowledged as the place wherein the Soul resides every moment of every day and night.

This Miracle that at first was called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’, was accepted by many because of the relationship man recognized as His being man.  Then, when I determined that it would be spoken about in a Greater Degree, what His Existence encompassed as Part of The Holy Trinity, I was fully aware of what this little one would have to face when the Messages regarding His Real Status were released.

This Gift of Divine Love that has been given at This Time, is of an Importance Greater than man can think, because mankind, though gifted with a degree of Spiritual understanding regarding Me, must understand that I waited until This Time to release This Important Message.  My Timing is of the essence, because I release what I know mankind is capable of understanding, believing, to a degree that will support the individual’s spirituality.

My Love for mankind is beyond what mankind could possibly understand, for each child is capable of a different degree of love for Me, due to their background, their personality, their nature and their spirituality.

It is sad when I see men in professional roles deny this little one their professional acceptance of What I Am All About, What I Am Teaching to all of mankind, What I want the whole world of man to know about the Soul I have placed within at the moment of each conception.

I hear so many false prophets declaring intimate relationships with Me, lying in disgraceful ways; in truth, making themselves look more important than Me.

I bless all children in All the Words, or even Some of the Words that have been delivered through This Important Miracle bearing the Name of a Great Saint, and also The Spirit of Me.  So be it.”

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