ON APRIL 24, 1995 AT 1:50 PM


“I am Saint Josaphat.  There is a great sadness Where We are because of the lack of communication with Us that is occurring in so many ways, so many areas of human life.

The enemy of God and man is rampant throughout the world.  This is difficult for some to believe because they cannot see the enemy.  There is much confusion in ways, in places, in areas, among lives that is causing much harm, much immorality, much dissension; of course, much hypocrisy.

Mankind stands in a wind that twists the mind one way, and then another way.  This wind is caused by the enemy of God and of man.  Any time that man chooses to release himself or herself from this distracting wind, he or she, through their own will, can move over to the Power of God’s Wind and live each day in the Wind of His Power.  The enemy of God and man is a great imitator, but there is always a weak point, a weak link, and it is through this link, this point, that mankind can escape to a more secure place.

I have spoken much through This Miracle.  Some will say, ‘Why is it called “a Miracle” when others cannot see, cannot hear, cannot touch the One Who is speaking, but the Words that pour forth are to be believed, to be followed?’ I say to you now, ‘Blessed are they who believe and do not see, but who through thoughts, actions, love, choose The Father’s Way, The Father’s Will, and the Importance of the Soul.’

Some who pray in a quick manner, fulfilling an obligation, a request, ignore the importance of this communication, and in many ways treat it lightly, and without what you would term ‘a polite manner and way’.

In some areas, when mankind finds confusion, he or she finds it difficult to pray, to see the reality of the communication man has with God.

This Gift of Communication that has been handed to mankind, instructing mankind regarding so many areas of what human life is all about, the Goal for which human life was created, must understand the fullness of this Gift of life.

I could speak hours.  The Father decides how long Our time with you can be, but before I leave you I want you to know:  your time with Us is never limited by God.  So be it.”

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