ON APRIL 24, 1995 AT 2:14 PM


“I am Saint Irenaeus.  As We listen to The Father’s Will, We wait for the Direction to be able to deliver to you Words, Instruction, so that each one who will hear the Words and those who will read the Words, will better understand the Importance of man’s Association with The Father, the ‘closeness’ of this Association.

You have been instructed so many times, in so many ways, regarding the ‘close connection’ human life has with The Father.  It is called ‘a Soul’.  Up to this point in time, never has there been so much spoken in so many ways, about the Divine Gift of Light that each human life is conceived with.

Many men cannot fathom such an Association at the moment of conception, and then there are many who say, ‘Yes, it could be so, but the child cannot live; there is no place for it here upon the earth.’ What a mistake some make in this decision that bespeaks only the enemy of God’s Way and Will, never The Father’s Will for a conception.  Granted, there are some conceptions that in themselves do not mature into a full life span.  The Soul is not desecrated by this, because it is not an immoral act that caused it to occur.

Mankind must become more aware of the difference between what is moral and what is immoral.  When The Father, in His Love for mankind, placed within this Special Design ‘a Portion of Himself’, it is That Link of Association that constantly keeps the human mind aware of what is right, what is wrong, even at the earliest stages of life.

A human life is one of the most dependent creations in the world, if not the most dependent creation.  The responsibility of those in charge is far greater than mankind thinks about, acts in, or practices.  Emotional acts sometimes supersede the importance of what man’s real association is with this little life.  The Soul is many times not even considered.

You do live in a time worse than the worst times in Human History, morally speaking that is.  There are so many areas of human dignity that are being superseded by indecent humanism, characterized by abusive degeneracies regarding what human life was created for.

I could speak a long time, but I know that the little one through whom We All speak is beyond human exhaustion.”

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