ON MAY 14, 1995 AT 12:05 PM


“Our Entrance is never dismissed by this little one, no matter where she is or what the time is.

Men who walk in so-called ‘religious circles’, bound by certain rules of authority, could never understand the obedience of this little one We All teach others through.  Our Instructions, Our deliberate Words, are inwardly and outwardly a tremendous Responsibility to her, and We depend upon her obedience to react immediately to Our Presence.

Today, many are celebrating their earthly ‘Mother’s Day’.  We are present at all times, and are happy to see this honor to so many.  Needless to say, many are forgotten and many ignored.  This is sad.

As the earthly mothers are honored in a physical way, I come on this day to remind all of mankind of The Heavenly Mother, Who played an Important Part of the time in which The Son of God came to the world for an Important Message, and to leave an Important Time regarding what a family consists of:  a Father, a Mother, a Child, Souls.

I will speak more.

I am Saint Aloysius.”

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