ON JUNE 1, 1995


“When We enter, the child through whom We All speak is signaled immediately, for her to adjust to the Specific Power We are, because you see, what occurs at this time is Supernatural.  It is not natural to mankind to hear Our Words in the manner this child hears Them.

For so long The Father has allowed so many Words to be dictated for the benefit of men, women and children of all ages, all races, all colors, all creeds, for mankind to better understand the privilege and the Importance it is to be born as man.  Human life has a Divine Purpose, a Divine Goal, and in this Creation of Mine, I placed within each conception a Soul.

So much has been described to mankind.  When I hear a child of Mine doubt My Will, My Way, My Words, My Direction, My Hope, there’s a sadness because, do not forget, a Portion of Me is within that child, called ‘a Soul’.

Some say: ‘I do not believe in Heaven.  I do not believe in all that has been spoken about, regarding a Life after this life that I have been driven to live in the human form.’ This is a sadness for Me to hear, because in this remark I feel desperation, I feel an inability to understand My Love, My Willingness to give life, to give hope, and to give security.

There are so many throughout the world who say that I cannot exist, or I would not allow so much to be occurring, so much wrong, but I say to these children of Mine, ‘Do not forget, I gave you the freedom of a will, to choose, to make decisions, and yes, to show that you love Me.’ How can it be difficult, when children see so much harm in wrong, so much love and beauty in what is right, and yet they choose the wrong at that time?

As I speak through this little one on this night, some men would say I would not do it, I am too far above it to do it this way.  My Voice is not a voice like your voice, so I use a voice that you can relate to, that you can understand, and that you can learn from, because I am coming to the world through This Miracle of My Love to instruct mankind in so many ways, so that mankind will fully understand the Importance of human life and the dignity that I intended for man, and that My Love for this creation was so Special to Me that within it I placed ‘a Portion of Me’.

As I speak to you on this night, some men would say it cannot be, but I, your Father say, ‘My Words are Direct from Me, and I have come to the world through a small voice, obedient to My Will, with a Strength to do My Will as I Decree It to be done, for the benefit of Souls to be returned to Me.’

As I speak, I hold the child solely to My Attention because of the littleness she is, and as I release her to return to be in your midst, it will take at least three days for her to be able to associate in the manner you know in the human way to be, for the Power I extend to deliver My Words to you, is a Power beyond man’s belief or ability to believe, for What is occurring in your presence now is not a normal ability.

I am fully aware of each one’s love for Me, and I am always aware of your choices in your daily way of living.  If you will but remember that I created you out of My Love for you, and the Soul that you are the caretaker of, is ‘a Portion of Me’.

I will release the child slowly to the point where she will be able to function humanly.”

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