ON JUNE 6, 1995 AT 2:30 PM


“Emotional, irrational rejection and resistance projects its prevalence throughout the world.  Seeing this is a sadness to Me, because Truth is being rejected by so many, and so much attention and acceptance is favoring immorality.

In this year that man refers to as a number, there has been much diabolical acceptance, even though man is aware of The Rules I laid down for mankind from that time on, to obey and to follow to the letter.  When I see so little response, so little effort being made by mankind, it covers all ages, all natures, all degrees of intellect that I have allowed to be, so that mankind could understand the importance of Rules that were obviously Directed and Passed from Me.

Children are being taught to reject what is displeasing to others, but not what is displeasing to Me.  Children are not being taught why I created human life, and the Goal I have that awaits each Soul of every living human being.

I have delivered thousands and thousands and thousands of Words, explaining, describing the Importance of the Soul that I placed within each conception, and I want this Soul returned to Me in a Manner and a Way of Glorification that I will recognize as being from an individual who treasured this Gift, because It Was Me.

I cannot accept ignorance to this Fact, rejection of this Fact, indifference of this Fact, because I have placed within each life the ability to know right over wrong, and that wrong was displeasing to Me, and only favored the enemy of man.

What I am about to say will be difficult for some to want to read or hear about.  A long time ago, stories based on theory were written, indicating My Intentions for certain things.  Man’s interpretation was allowable because of the time, also because of the degree of ability to ascertain, to understand, and/or to be able to fathom the full meaning of particular situations, lessons, instructions, and theories.

At the time some stories were written, I allowed them to remain in the manner they were at that time because of the era of time in which they were revealed to mankind, based on this authenticity.

This Miracle that I have given to the world through the smallest of instruments, judged by many to be frail, judged by many to be unable to have such an Important Association, Connection, Task, My Way.  So many men say, ‘I would expect a fortress to be given this Responsibility.’ I say, ‘A fortress is only as good as the security that surrounds it, that is within it.’

I have Blessed the world with This Gift of My Love.  It is a sadness to Me to see It rejected in any form, in any way, in any manner, in any degree.

I Am The Father.  That is the Title you know Me by, and as I pass through a small funnel, My Words, My Direction, My Will, My Hope, My Love, My Concern, I say to all of mankind, ‘Any doubt you may have as to These Words Being Mine is only your own weakness, your envy, and your own inability to see the Greatness of My Love, and the Degree I will use, the Manner I will use, the Means I will use, to say It so Personally.’  So be it.”

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