ON JUNE 7, 1995 AT 11:18 AM


“I am Saint Justin.  I hear My Name mentioned and it pleases Me.  We are All aware of This Beautiful Gift of The Father’s Love, being so openly given at this time when mankind needs It so desperately.

There are so many who talk about Spirituality, Spiritual endeavors, Spiritual practices, Spiritual strengths, Spiritual Miracles, and do not fully understand that such a Gift of Divine Love must be looked at as a higher, more meaningful practice for mankind to follow, to understand, and to realize as an ultimate meaning because of the Soul that is given at the moment of conception.

Many who deliberately instruct others on the Bible, man’s association with the Bible, do not fully understand that their interpretation is based on humanistic version, humanistic evaluation of how they determine passages to mean.

This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph is deliberately passing to mankind Instruction to better understand the Magnitude of human life, because of the Soul that is placed within.  At one time the Soul was spoken about in a manner and a way that mankind did not learn the fullness of Its reality, because It was not fully understood.  Now, at ‘this time’ mankind is learning directly from The Father:  this ‘Special Gift’ from Him is not ordinary, but Divine.

So much has been delivered in such a natural form with an in-depth Instruction that is easy to understand for all ages, all cultures of mankind.  The Father designed ‘this time’ to be, and it is occurring exactly as He decides, because it is important for all of mankind to realize that human life has a Dignity beyond all other living things, plus a Goal that is beyond what mankind can comprehend.

Some men say: ‘If I have a Soul and I am man and I live as I should live, then why would I be separated?  What happens to my physical?  That is the part I know exists.  That is the part I use.  That is the part of me I understand, for I cannot see my Soul.’

Let Me say this:  As your heart beats, you are aware of its beat.

Is that not so?

But remember, you do not see it; it is hidden from you.  Your Soul is obvious to you in the same manner, because you have the ability to choose right over wrong, and sometimes your heart tells you when you have chosen correctly or incorrectly.

Is that not so?

Some say, ‘If my Guardian Angel is with me, why do I not feel Its Presence?’ Ask yourself this: ‘How many times have I been in danger physically, morally?  How did I escape a terrible tragedy?’

The Father, in His Design of human life, took all things into consideration.  Be ever conscious of this, and remember, as you protect your physical, you have the responsibility to protect your Soul.  So be it.”

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