ON JUNE 9, 1995 AT 2:18 PM


“I am Saint Mary Magdalene.  We oftentimes lead the child into a point of conversation so when We enter, the subject is easier to handle by her for the benefit of millions of others.

So much has been written about past times in History called ‘Bible History’.  The story depicting particular incidences, practices and/or situations that had a particular significance to good or to evil times, were definitely not recorded in their fullest, because there was no one at that time using script for such conversations, practices, occurrences, or incidences.

The time in which you live is a ‘special time’, because you have the privilege to learn so much as it occurs, as it takes place.  All details are available which makes and gives more understanding to whether the situation is volatile, or Sacred, or personal, or impure.

This Precious Gift of Divine Love that you are present to be a part of, you are available to partake in, is truly a Gift Solely of Divine Love.  At no other time has mankind learned so much about The Father’s Will, and the Importance of human life and the Greatness of the Soul that is within each human life.

It is true you are not surrounded by all peace throughout the world, and this is a sadness to Us because it is so much easier to act in the correct manner, obedient to God’s Will, where and when there is peace for the mind, the body and the Soul.

It is sad for Us to say that the enemy of God and man is playing havoc throughout the world, but you must understand this is being allowed by man, and the enemy of God and man is using every measure available to destroy Souls.

Some may read Some of the things that have been spoken, that have been written through This Precious Gift of The Father’s Love, and in their own lack of understanding the Importance of such a Gift, the Reality of such a Gift, the Value of such a Gift, It is denied or rejected through human weakness based on strictly humanism understanding.

This Miracle is a Gift to mankind that should never be questioned, never doubted, because It is so logically Valuable to the everyday living of man.  It is not something farfetched that is expecting mankind to think, believe, or accept an unnatural, unbelievable plan.  Every Direction that has been and is yet still being given, is to draw attention to Souls, maybe a Soul that is difficult to reach any other way because of the one in whom this Soul lives each day.

When This Miracle is talked about, and there is difficulty in one or more believing It, if you are the custodian of Its delivery, do not be angry, but be example, be understanding to the point where your actions bespeak kindness, understanding in a manner that when you leave the doubter or doubters, they will remain with what you have spoken and not feel animosity.  Leave it up to their Soul, because their Soul will know what the next step should be to help the individual, at a given time, perhaps believe.

So much has been given.  It is The Father’s Will.  So many Souls are in jeopardy at this moment that I speak with you.  The world is, in many ways, so full of demonic encouragement that We sometimes say to The Father, ‘Maybe they would understand more if they could see the ugliness of Hell, because they are not accepting What they are being told is important for their Soul.’

The Father says: ‘They could not handle the beasts, the turmoil, the horror.  I use every effort to instruct them before such a horrible sight is necessary for the good of their Souls.’  So be it.”

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