ON JUNE 12, 1995 AT 3:00 PM


“I am Saint Bonaventure.  It is sad to see so much occurring, and I use a human terminology when I say, ‘It is so disappointing to The Father.’

Mankind is a Special Design, an Important Creation of Divine Will, Divine Love, Divine Hope.  There have been many times in past History wherein mankind acted, favoring man’s enemy, and of course, The Father’s enemy.  There are many names for this enemy, too numerous to mention here, but I will use one you are familiar with.  It is the word ‘devil’.  He is pictured with horns, a tail, and it always radiates ugliness.  The sad part of this is that it should radiate fear to all who see it.  This enemy is characterized by all manner of things that are devious, destructive, immoral, unclean; sometimes depicted as the means described as temptation, that refers to impurities.

It is true We stand in line, well, almost in this manner of some men’s thinking, to reach out to mankind to be aware of the importance of purity and what effect it has on the Soul, that unseen Gift of Divine Love that The Father gives at the moment of conception.

Some despicable remarks can be heard, such as, ‘If It is such a Precious Gift, why can I not see It, feel It, understand It, or have some ability to recognize Its Presence?’ Such arrogance is many times despicable, and All of Us Here say to The Father, ‘Should not, could not some Sign be given to stop what is occurring?’ We are told that the child, or children, has the freedom of the will and they know right from wrong.  They have been instructed innately.  They must make the decision, else how will they ever gain the strength to stand up to real temptation, or to an open battle with the enemy of God, the devil?

Sometimes We hear someone say, ‘I don’t like the word “devil”, the word “satan” is easier for me to handle.’ How can one word that means ‘the opposite of all that is good’, be easy to handle?

When Someone from Here says, ‘You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah,’ it is many times the only time that mankind can see, feel, or think was a terrible time in History.  There were many, and I add to this:  there is one now.

Of course, needless to say, I could speak for a time indefinitely, but We are All limited, because as We have given the Instruction for Our Words to be written, We fully understand the strength it takes, and We are aware of each one’s personal love in taking part in writing This.  So be it.”

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