ON JUNE 20, 1995 AT 9:55 AM


“A child asks God: ‘What does my Soul look like?  In case I see It, I will know what It is and that It is mine.’

God smiles at this very important question and says:  Your Soul is a Portion of Me that reflects you in a Light to Me.  I know all about you through your Soul that is a Portion of Me, because you see, as I Am The Creator of All Things, I Am All Things, and as your Soul reflects you, It is a constant Connecting Link to Me.

This Gift of Mine to all human beings is My Gift of Love to a Special Creation of Mine.  Man is capable of creation, which I have Lovingly shared with man, because I have created man to My Image and Likeness.

These Words of Mine, not completely understood by man, but when you wonder about your abilities, your talents, your reasoning, your logic in what you do, how you care for things, remember, I instilled these traits in you, for the courage needed, the intellect needed, the will you have to make judgments, decisions, on what is right and what is wrong.

My Love is also a Part of your way of life.  There is so much I have Blessed mankind with, and it is a great sadness to Me when moral weakness breaks the Trust, the Love, and the Closeness I have with you.”

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