ON JUNE 22, 1995 AT 11:40 AM


“It is difficult for mankind to understand that I would speak so openly to mankind regarding all aspects of human life, and the Importance of the Soul that I placed at the moment of conception.  I hear some say: ‘No one has ever seen a Soul.  How can I be sure of Its existence?’

I am coming to the world in your time in a Very Personal, Direct Manner, allowing you to transcribe My Words so that you can take Them as I say Them, as constructive Instructions for others to read, to help mankind better understand that human life is Important, is Special, and in its design I placed within each one, a Portion of Myself.

Granted, man says, ‘No one has ever seen God as He truly must look, must appear, must be.’ That is true, for when I present Myself to a human life, I do it in a manner that the individual can physically handle, mentally.

I am constantly in the presence of all mankind.  Those with little Faith in such a Statement cannot conceive such a manner of association.  I have given to the world This Specific Blessing with a Name attached to It, so that mankind could relate to what they would term ‘the human side’, called ‘Saint Joseph’.

Children of all ages should be instructed on the importance of their behavior, because behavior is the manner in which they express what they feel right or wrong, good or evil.  Human behavior of each individual will be an Important Part of Judgment by Me.

There is much more I could speak about at this time on this subject, but for those who read What is written, most will only be able to mentally absorb a degree, based on their own morality, own behavior, own understanding of the Importance of human life, and the Goal of human life.

Hopefully through This Gift I am handing to mankind at this time, will be the Guiding Light to millions, times millions, times millions, for the benefit of the Souls that each one of these has received from Me at the moment of conception.”

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