ON JUNE 23, 1995 AT 1:13 PM


“I am Saint Christopher.  This Beautiful Miracle that passes through a small voice carries millions of Words dictated through her for the benefit of the Souls of all races, all colors, all creeds.  We always smile when We announce Our Entrance to this little one who has been instructed to repeat Our Words verbatim, so that the full meaning can be fully understood, because you see, no Words pass through her that do not have an Important Intention, Message or Reason.

As We see all that is occurring throughout the world by man, through mankind’s reasoning, it is in many ways total devastation to purity of mind, body and Soul.  There is so much justification for all immoralities, all paganistic evaluations that can be termed ‘morbid’ in many ways.  Mankind is deliberately ignoring, disobeying The Father’s Commandments.  In doing it, the enemy of God and man is enjoying what is occurring, because of the Souls that are being marred by such offenses against purity.

Children are not being taught, nor are they being instructed in the value of why they were created and the Goal of their creation.  The Father’s Commandments are being cast aside by many who have accepted religious rules, religious orders, religious positions, religious responsibilities.

Let Me ask an open question:  How many of The Commandments do you think about in association with your daily behavior, interacting with others in a normal day’s living?  How many of The Commandments do you associate with regarding what you are exposed to through the lives of others, that either you hear about or are expected to partake in?  There are so many questions an individual should ask himself or herself, regarding one’s own moral views, moral standards, moral values.

It is a privilege for Each of Us Here to be able to reach mankind through This Gift of The Father’s Love, because though many prayers are spoken, directing these prayers to different Ones, when We are requested to speak through this little one, We find it a treasured time because of the Importance of every human life having a Soul that is so Important to The Father.

I sincerely hope that My Words will pass through the world and be understood as coming in a Pure Light, with a Pure Hope, encouraging mankind to seek purity of mind, body and Soul.  So be it.”

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