ON JUNE 23, 1995 AT 2:55 PM


“I am Padre Pio.  This little one requested of The Father to not allow Me to speak because of My harsh tone that I was accustomed to using, to speak to others by way of her.  It is not easy to walk the Path that The Father chose for her, but obedience to His Will is all that is necessary, because you see, He is The King of Kings, He is The Lord and Master, He is The Father of All Life.

In My Promise to speak in a manner where My voice through her Soul would be easier on her being, I have several things to bring to your attention.  First, through This Gift of The Father’s, mankind has been alerted constantly and consistently of that Gift of Divine Love at the moment of conception, called ‘a Soul’.

As a child grows into understanding of a language, of the behavior that is expected of him or her, of the importance of learning about many things that it will take to live amongst other men and women, be a part of the social, moral, academics, and business world, there is much stress sometimes in the Task this little one has been presented with, because mankind has been demanding, seeking answers, seeking Information beyond the human world.

Then it is important for mankind to more fully understand that to reach ideal perfection for one’s Soul has to be worked hand in hand with The Father’s Rules, emotional stability, and continuously seeking that one’s behavior is in accord with all that is decent, and all that is protective of one’s Soul.  Example to others is important in one’s life, because example sometimes is the greatest teacher.  Mankind sometimes has the habit of imitating, also of seeking to be able to act so that they, too, will be example for others to imitate.

Mankind has so much to look forward to, because Sainthood is the Goal that The Father intended for all human life to reach, because The Father’s Love in the Creation of man was to seek to share Something beyond what human life could compare to.

So many try to determine What The Father really Is, What He would Appear As.  There is nothing that mankind could develop that would be close to What The Father is to be compared to, anything humanly understandable.

I draw the little one in closely, because the Power I use is yet somewhat different than the Power she is used to receiving.  My Name is known throughout the world, but I want you to understand:  to walk ‘a chosen Path’ should never be envied, never be ignored, never be dismissed, because it is a Path designed by The Father to save Souls.  So be it.”

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