ON JUNE 23, 1995 AT 3:48 PM


“I am Saint Cecilia.  I have not spoken many times, so I find this privilege today a Gift of Love from The Father, for Each of Us Who can speak through This Miracle, We feel a Specific Special Love granted to Us, because having walked the earth at one time in the human form, We are fully aware of how many distractions can be harmful to the Soul of an individual, or several at one time.

You truly live in an age of permissiveness, promiscuity, and indifference to The Father’s Will.  All things are based on humanistic pleasures, measures, and ideals.  To speak through This Gift of Divine Love, to participate in calling attention to those who live at this time and to those who will read What is being written, gives Our Souls a feeling of Unity with The Father’s Will that would be difficult to explain in Its fullest degree to you in the manner you speak.

When mankind is accused of a crime and he is or she is placed on trial, it is important for there to be what man calls a ‘swearing of truth’ in all answers to all questions, so that the one who is charged with guilt can speak, can seek for truth to be seen, accepted, reached.  The time in which you live is a difficult time for little ones, because they are not being instructed in the full value of truth.  There is too much leniency in so many areas, due to others trying to be overly protective, instead of correcting nicely, generously, truthfully, the wrongs that are being accepted.

When some men and women and children hear of This Miracle of Divine Love, they do not look for the Fullness of It, because they feel It will limit them in their actions and participations and/or their association; also, in how they determine truths, untruths, lies, deceit and impurities.

Man says, ‘What is This Miracle all about?’ Some say it with arrogance, some even say it with disgust, because you see, if This Miracle is what The Father Claims It to be, man will have to change in many areas of life, practices that they feel are part of their daily living; of course, ignoring the fact that much of it could be impurity.

There is a great sadness Here Where We are, to All of Us, when We hear so many rejecting the Sound Direction passing through This Gift that The Father is allowing to be made public, so that no one living at this time, or who will be able to read at a later time, will not know What has been spoken.  It is disgraceful to human dignity.  Of course, this includes the Soul that is the brunt of all such manner of thinking.

As I close today, it is important that I leave you with one thought:  Be prepared to be answerable for what you know is God’s Will, and be prepared to answer in the right manner, in all truth, because I promise you, there is a time when this is faced by every Soul.  So be it.”

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