ON NOVEMBER 17, 1969 AT 12:25 PM


“Religious articles, religious items, religious statues, are not a thing of the past, as so many men wish to believe they are.  They are of the past, of the present and of the future.  They have been given to man to supplement his Faith and to encourage his belief in the Supernatural.  Some are used as aids to more fervent devotion.  Some are used in a manner of visual concern, and some are used to remind man of the Existence of God.

The absence of reminders causes man to be sidetracked from the Spiritual.  If the world became void of all Rosaries, all Crosses, all prayers, all pictures, all medals, all statues, all Sacramentals, God would have to burn it down instantly, for man would use all time for self-indulgence.  There would be nothing, if anything, to remind him of the Existence of God.  It is true, his very life should.  It is true, his very breathing should, but he would become so preoccupied with the self-indulgence, he would eliminate God.  Man must have physical reminders to keep in front of him at all times.  If every man in the world carried the Beads of Our Lady, and used them once a day, there would be no sin.  The Graces would be this many.

And now, I add this to this Revelation.  When man says to you, ‘I have no need for a reminder,’ say to him this, ‘When you say this, you need it more than I do.’  So be it.” 

Note: “This Revelation is to be seen by all men.  This Revelation has been given to remind man of the necessity of such items.”

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