ON JUNE 26, 1995 AT 11:25 AM


“I am Saint Thomas Aquinas.  I have written many things.  I am known for My writings.  I come to the world today through a little one who has been the recipient of many, many Direct Messages from The Father and Many Others Here.

It is important for mankind to read What has passed through her.  The simplicity yet the directness in Each Message is without a doubt capable for all of mankind to understand more about The Divine.  Those who doubt, it could be termed ‘stubbornness, jealousy, arrogance’.  Those who believe will automatically grow spiritually, morally, and yes, reach for Sainthood deliberately.

It is difficult for some who hear or who read What is spoken through this little one, to believe that such Important Messages would be given to mankind in the manner They are being given at this time.  At no time in the History of mankind has anyone been accepted by others in a manner of grandeur when they had direct communication with The Father’s Will and Way and Purpose.  Mankind has an instinctive manner of rejection when Facts are given that encourage changes in one’s personal habits, attitude, nature, will.

This Miracle, in simplicity and yet profoundness, is truly a Gift of Divine Love, for Divine Purpose, that is One Alone throughout the world.

A child says: ‘I know right from wrong.  I have a choice.’ What in the child’s nature, values, causes a decision that is honorable, decent, and for the good, rather than for the evil?  In the Creation of mankind, The Father’s Love gave mankind the power of decision, and in this Gift there is a purpose, because The Father knew that freedom was important to man:  freedom to act, speak, accept, reject, acknowledge, or even make decisions that had ultimate goals.

I sincerely desire, as I speak on this day, that all who read These Words will see the benefits to the privilege of choice, to the privilege of decision, a Gift of Love from The Father, and be sure that each decision is pure, for the benefit of one’s mind, one’s body, one’s Soul, and for those with whom, or for whom the decision is at that particular time.  So be it.”

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