ON JUNE 26, 1995 AT 12:15 PM


“I am Saint Bartholomew.

Mankind in all parts of the world have many things in common with each other.  Man’s body must be fed.  Man’s clothing is important according to the climate, the situation, and/or the Spiritual factor involved.  Food plays an important part in daily life, all countries favoring particular ones.  There are many religions throughout the world, means of Faith in a Higher Being.  It is sad to say, in some cases, an object.

As This Gift of Divine Love was given to a particular country, place, to be spread throughout the world, many will say, ‘Because of the differences in culture, how can This Miracle be explained, be expressed, be understood?’ I, Saint Bartholomew say, ‘Do your part, and The Father will use means, as It spreads, that will be comfortable, understandable and applicable where He deems it necessary.’

Mankind oftentimes puts a question before an action.  This perhaps, in some ways, might be beneficial, but when the Words from Here say it must be done, there is always an Important Reason, Purpose, that should not be questioned.  First of all, a question gives option to definition, and many times a question is answered to the limits of the other individual’s abilities to comprehend, understand, or personal opinions, practices.

Those who are close to This Gift of Divine Love have the opportunity to grow to become ‘Great Saints’, because when one knows the Particulars, the Reasoning, the Truth, one can benefit personally and encourage others to grow in a deeper understanding and a greater love for The Father’s Will.

So much has been delivered, and Each Word comes with The Father’s Love because This Miracle is Direct Instruction, Personal Instruction, that no other place throughout the world has the power to give to the whole world.  So be it.”

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