ON JUNE 26, 1995 AT 1:17 PM


“It will be difficult for many to believe I would speak through this little one or anyone.  I Am The Father, and as The Father I speak with and in a Love Greater than you can compare any love to be.

The little one through whom I speak has been put through many ‘Preparations’ by Me.  These times could not be considered comfortable in any way, because of the Power I am forced to use to instill in such a small child, for My Will to be carried out to the degree I Will It to be.

All that has been given, instructing mankind, advising mankind, regarding the Importance of human life, has a Positive Purpose to It, in It, for It, that is beyond human understanding.  This Miracle is called ‘a Miracle’ because It is beyond human ability.

There is so much devastation to Souls by millions throughout the world, even in the time so often spoken of as ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’, but also Ancient History.

Mankind refers to being civilized.  The word has a definition that relates to a degree of mentality, actions, that are meant over and above the animal kingdom.  I have designed This Gift of Mine to help mankind more fully understand My Definition of morality.

When I instructed a son a long time ago, called ‘Moses’, his ‘Preparations’ could be likened to the ‘Preparations’ I have used with this little one.  When I prepare a body and a Soul to walk solely for My Direction, I am in Constant Control.

It does not take a brilliant mind to decipher All of the written Words that I have already given, or All I have instructed to be given through This Gift of Mine.

Whether mankind wants to accept it or not, This Time will go down in the History of mankind as My Personal Time with an individual, for the benefit of all of mankind.  She has been instructed to ignore any and all jealousies, any and all interferences, any and all rejections, any and all obscene reactions, because My Will must be served.

If mankind does not morally change, I will have to make corrections, because anything impure that deals with the enemy of man, I cannot tolerate.

This Gift of Mine to mankind was not a Gift that can be said to have evolved overnight.  My Love is different in many ways than man’s interpretation, definition of love.  Mine is as The Creator of All Things, The Controller of All Things, and I will not tolerate ignoring Who I Am, What I Am.”

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