ON JUNE 28, 1995 AT 2:14 PM


“I am Saint John The Baptist.  I find it a privilege to speak through This Gift of The Father’s Love because there are so many Souls that will be touched, that will be found, that will be saved, because of the Words passed through This Miracle, that will make so many men, women and children think more purely because of their Soul, that up to this point was just a passing thought from some lesson previously given by someone else.

Children should be blessed as soon as possible after the struggle of birth, because in this Blessing there is a physical strength, a moral strength, given to the will of the child, the nature of the child, the hope in the child, the actions of the child.  As I speak, I speak with a Love for all of mankind, and want all who read These Words to more fully understand what a Precious Gift human life is, and what a Gift of Love Baptism is to the child.

So many times, The Father tells One of Us Here to reach the children with Direction, with Hope, with Instruction, through The Miracle He has made available to be used for this Avenue of His, because of the Importance of the Soul of every human being.  It is sad when We see so many who have accepted specific tasks, that basically are to instruct others of the Importance of Baptism, of Holy Communion, of practicing Acts of Penance, understanding the Importance of a Blessing when one is very ill, and of course, the other Sacraments that are strengthening to every fiber of human life, that in Their very intention give dignity, special strength, not always felt, but evident in ways of daily living.

Children are being neglected because of so much confusion that they are being subjected to.  It is important that those who are in charge of children begin to use constructive measures in instructing the children, the Importance of God’s Rules, God’s Intervention, God’s Will, God’s Goal for each of them and their Soul.

All of Us Here are so pleased when We are able to speak verbally to help mankind better understand human life has a Purpose and a Precious Goal.  There is no age that should not be instructed in the Purpose of life.  There is no age that should be ignored, using remarks, ‘They are too young,’ or ‘They are too old,’ to understand the Importance of life, and how they must cling to The Father for all things, for whether man believes it or not, The Father is The Dispenser of Hope, of Grace, of Love, and Judgment.  So be it.”

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