ON JUNE 29, 1995 AT 2:29 PM


“I am Saint Gerard.  When prayers come My way, it brings Me much happiness just hearing a child call My Name, and whispering in their individual tone of voice, or just a mental manner of communication, drawing attention to their need, their request for something specific.

I cannot tell you how many years in man’s determination of years, so Many Saints Here were forgotten.  This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph has brought an awareness of so Many Saints, and We are All anxious to help where We can, anyone who calls Our Name and is in need of some answer to prayer.

A great sadness is happening throughout the world.  So many children are being aborted, not having the chance to live beyond a certain point of conception.  Even though many know that this act is wrong, they pursue all the information possible to accomplish the end result, which is in reality, killing a human life undeservedly at any stage of growth.

Men who have accepted the challenge, the work, the task of protection for all Souls, have become negligent, and some are accepting, allowing, and even encouraging abortion to be practiced, using time as acceptable meaning; of course, the earlier the better, in the conception.  Who are these men who take this responsibility so frivolously, without any concern regarding The Father’s Reason for the conception, and the manner in which He designed conception?

There are so many excuses for eliminating a child to grow.  Some say accident.  Some say poverty.  Some say, ‘I do not have the ability to raise a child at this time.’ I, Saint Gerard, ask one question:  Whatever happened to the strength of self-control?  Whatever happened to the moral issue involved?  Whatever happened to an individual’s belief in the Commandment that says ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’?  Of course, there are many Commandments broken at a time when this act is performed.

You do live in a time wherein The Commandments of God are totally ignored by all ages in all stations of life.  I ask you a question:  What caused this terrible rejection of God’s Commandments, This Gift of Divine Love with the Name of the Greatest Saint, Saint Joseph?  because as The Spirit of God, It Bespeaks All Goodness, All that is Right for the Soul of every living human being.

As you write My Words, there are so many offenses against purity being practiced, you would be shocked at so much degradation to human life, and of course, to the Soul of each of these lives.  Where you are, you see none of this.  We see all of this occurring every moment of every day, and it is getting worse and worse and worse, because men, women and children are not using The Guidelines that were given in much detail, leaving no guesswork for man to use as an excuse.

The Commandments of The Father must be placed in every home, and They should be placed in every workplace where man is.  You say this would be an impossibility.  If it were, I would not have suggested it in the manner I spoke it.

Man says, ‘I will make a note to remember what I must do, what I must get, what I must go to see.’ Have you ever heard man say, ‘I must remember God’s Commandments so I do not sin’?  This would be a logical, practical way to think.  It was not just for the time of Moses, because They are never out of date.  There is no time in the History of mankind that good was to be after sin and hate.

Be mindful of These Words, and I beseech you to not forget Them.  There is not that much to remember.  What I have spoken should come naturally, because of the Importance of what human life is.  If it was not important, The Father would have created it and left no Guidelines for it.  So be it.”

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