ON JUNE 30, 1995 AT 11:45 AM


“I am Saint Ignatius Loyola.  Education is very important to mankind.  There are all subjects in the educational field of learning.  Some are beneficial in particular ways, full of terminology that describes a subject.  Then there is the education wherein Spiritual matters are instructed upon and in.  Then there is a form of education dealing with the body and the mind.  There are many fields of education that can be termed ‘nonsense’, because they deal only with immaterial subject matter that is not beneficial in its basic form.  You live in a time where mankind thrives on all forms, all subjects of so-called ‘education’.

This Miracle that The Father has so lovingly, so deliberately given to the whole world, instructing mankind of all races, all colors, all creeds, on the most Important Subject mankind can be a part of, that will benefit mankind for All Eternity.  It will not end at the moment of the physical death.  It will go on and on and on, according to the degree that mankind allows this education to be the governing factor of purity of mind, body and Soul.

Thousands and thousands and thousands of Directions, simple in content, practical in use and practice, have already been written or spoken about, instructed in, or even suggested.  This must not end where you are or be thwarted by any obstacles.  You must see to it that It passes throughout the world because It is the only Valuable Instruction that is for all time.  It is not to be ignored, not to be cast aside, not to be allowed to be subjected to criticism that only the enemy of God would introduce.  Be mindful, be diligent, persevere, for without this you will fail and it will cost many Souls a great price, because They did not have the opportunity through the body and the mind of the individual that They were placed within at the moment of conception.”

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