ON JUNE 30, 1995 AT 12:49 PM


“I am Saint Catherine Laboure.  There are so few throughout the world who are sincerely, totally dedicated to The Father’s Will, using every act of life to please Him, to serve Him, to be obedient to His Commandments for the good of their Soul.

Ask yourself:  How many times have you heard a sermon, a speech, a talk, a discussion on the Importance of your Soul?  Does it ever come up in conversation in your family, with your friends, or through those with whom you associate with in a religious way?

This Miracle of The Father’s Love is delivering to mankind so much Information, so much Instruction about the Soul.  This may be difficult for some to accept because they do not see the Soul.  They say they cannot feel the Soul.  Perhaps, if they would pay more attention to their conscience, the Soul would be revealed to them in some way through this part of them, because their conscience should enlighten them, should react in a specific manner as to whether something they are doing, saying, or participating in, is morally sound or correct, or is it against purity to any degree, in any form.

All that has been given through This Miracle is important for all ages of men, women, and children.  What We speak about in such a clarity is easy to understand, and informative to all areas of human life, never eliminating any man, woman or child.

Remember what I have spoken, and I assure you, you will be more responsive to others around you, and perhaps be more deliberate in how you react to their behavior, their intentions, in every way they act.  So be it.”

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