ON JUNE 30, 1995 AT 1:16 PM


“I have oftentimes spoken in a silent way to this little one, giving her instructions for her own protection against many enemies.  This time I come openly to instruct each of you and those who will read My Words, that the enemy of God and man constantly uses every means to distract mankind of all ages to do things, to say things that are not just improper, but immoral, grievously immoral.

Mankind does not realize that The Father is fully aware of all actions, all things that occur throughout the world and beyond the world, every moment of every day, for mankind forgets that it is The Father who holds all things in place.

The next time you look at a hill of ants, notice the formation, the tracks, the habits.  Sometimes mankind acts like a hill of ants.  By this, I mean gathering in groups, following in groups, not cognizant of the moral acts, just that they are in motion with others who very possibly could be leading them in sinful acts.  It does not sound like a kind comparison, but it is in many ways how so many men, women and children form a pattern that leads them in ways, in places they should not be, but they follow consciously where others go; no resistance, because they do not want to be different, left out, or considered not able to compete, comply, or be a part of the so-called ‘acceptable action’ taking place.

Mankind has a mind, an intellect, that can be compared to no other living thing, not in its full capacity.  Mankind has a conscience, due to the knowledge of morality and what is immoral.  Mankind has a will that in all ways is a determining factor to accepting thoughts, words or actions, in a manner of choice, in a degree of choice, in a form of choice, unlike all other living creatures.

The Father blesses mankind when man says prayers, or even conversational words with The Father that the individual would not consider a prayer.  Man must understand there is a constant communication between God and man.  This Connecting Link is the Soul that The Father instills at the moment of conception.  So be it.”

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